Our Goals For 2022
Our Goals For 2022
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Rajneil Kamath
Vice President

This year, we aim to partner with education boards across states to develop a media literacy curriculum for school and college students. We are also looking at preparing modules, and partnering with apps and services which have a large captive customer base. 

Fact-checking is still largely a manual process. Technology can play a big role in increasing the reach of fact checks and identifying similar media, claims and content. At the MCA, we want to build on the great work that has already been done in the space, and take it further. 

We want to build a database of all fact checks in India, and then use it to power WhatsApp and other messaging tiplines so users get more real-time responses. The database can also be used for research and additional transparency reporting purposes. 

Many stakeholders have a lot of questions about the ecosystem. Through our advocacy efforts, we want to transparently highlight what we do, and how we do it, while also exploring areas of collaborations for public interest campaigns, and initiating dialogue and discussions on key areas and topics. We will also be working on building and deepening engagement within the community and exploring ways to support their own projects and efforts. 

We have formed smaller working groups from among the founding members for each of these three areas, and will be working on them through the year. If you have ideas and would like to contribute, you can become a member of the MCA and help combat misinformation. 

We’re looking forward to making a difference in 2022. 

Rajneil Rajnath Kamath, 
Vice President, 
Misinformation Combat Alliance

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