MCA Launches The DAU Tipline
The tipline will be operational from 25th March 2024.
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Misinformation Combat Alliance

The Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA) is launching the Deepfakes Analysis Unit (DAU) Tipline on Monday, March 25, 2024 to help detect and respond to AI-generated synthetic media. Any member of the public can forward audio notes and videos to +91 9999025044 on WhatsApp to get assessments on whether a piece of media is AI-generated or contains elements of it. The tipline will offer support in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. The launch of the WhatsApp tipline is part of Meta’s efforts to collaborate with industry stakeholders in the fact-checking ecosystem to build  instruments that help curb the spread of AI-generated misinformation.  

The DAU has been set up with the objective of providing to the public a trusted resource that will help them discern between real and synthetic media. Expertise from a network of partners— academicians, researchers, startups, tech platforms, and fact checkers— will be tapped into by the DAU to verify and assess the media content submitted to the tipline. The assessment reports will be sent back to users in response to their messages. The reports will also be available on the DAU website ( and DAU’s recently launched WhatsApp Channel which will serve as an authoritative source for people to receive verified and accurate information ( 

At launch, the DAU’s partners include member fact-checking organizations as well as industry partners and digital labs that will help assess and verify the content. The DAU is open to partnerships and collaborations with experts interested in synthetic media detection and media literacy around combating misinformation spread through generative AI. Besides citizens, even fact checkers and media organisations can reach out to the DAU through the tipline to request analysis and assessments for audio or videos that they suspect to be synthetic.  

Commenting on the launch, Pamposh Raina, Head of the DAU, said, “We are thrilled to be launching India’s first tipline to help citizens discern between real and synthetic media. At the DAU, we will specifically address audio and video that could have the potential to mislead people on matters of public importance, and could even cause real-world harm. We are working on having a wide set of partners and experts as we head into the elections and beyond.” 

Balkrishna, Executive Editor, Fact Checks, The India Today Group, said “Deepfakes not only amplify disinformation, but they also fog people’s ability to judge what’s real and what’s not. The pace of the technology’s evolution makes it difficult even for experts to keep up. This is a new challenge for fact-checkers, and the pool of experts and resources in this field is very limited worldwide. DAU’s formation thus comes as a timely intervention, especially in the biggest global election year. It will ensure that these valuable resources are best used to raise awareness before the damage is done.” 

The MCA is a cross-industry alliance bringing together companies, organizations, institutions, industry associations and entities to collectively fight misinformation and its impact. Currently, MCA has 16 members including fact-checking organizations, media outlets, and civic tech organizations. It is inviting strategic partners to collaborate on this industry-wide initiative to combat misinformation and create an enlightened and informed society. 

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